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Accompanying Clients When, Where, and How They Want it: The Great Benefit of C-commerce

With conversational commerce you’re only one message away from your clients. This way you can reduce call center costs and save by not developing or updating apps that at the end of the day very few people will download and use. 

C-commerce is about adapting your company to what your clients need and taking your communication to the messaging platforms that they already use every day.

Why is this transformation important? Because being with your client throughout the purchasing process, providing fast and personalized service via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, as well as reducing costs, will allow you to understand your buyers, and to find out things ranging from their purchase patterns to their preferences.

How does this personalization of the purchasing process happen? There are three keys to successful c-commerce and satisfaction of those whose use it:

The Where

What better way to communicate with your clients than using the messaging platforms on which they spend close to 84% of their cell phone time? This is very important, especially in emerging countries, where many phones are mid-range or low-end, which makes it difficult for other apps to penetrate.

The When

Adapt to the moment when your customers look for you; don’t force them to comply with your store or branch hours. C-commerce allows you to connect with them when they need it, be it 3 a.m. or during a holiday.

The How

C-commerce users send on average 500 messages per month to digital assistants. This information is pure gold for companies since it allows them to become familiar with their customers’ thoughts and activities, as they say, without tedious forms or satisfaction surveys.

One more thing: Businesses that use instant messaging as their main means of contact have seen engagement multiply tenfold. And so the benefit doubles: Clients get the attention they need and deserve, while companies reduce their costs, see an increase in engagement and conversion rate.

One of the main benefits of messaging platforms is that they enable you to adapt to what your clients need, not the other way round. At Yalo we advise our clients to make this happen.

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