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Coca-Cola FEMSA digitizes more than 1M stores in Latin America through C-Commerce with Yalo

For most Latin Americans, corner stores are  much more than a shop. Despite many other options to shop  nowadays, none have  the closeness and familiarity of a corner store. Coca-Cola FEMSA supports more than 1.5 million corner stores across the region which receive visits from a sales representative to pick up orders every week, providing consultancy and guidance that allows store owners  to make better decisions on how to fill their stock. 

However, FEMSA realized their in-person sales model created physical limitations to scale their business. Sales reps could only visit a maximum number of stores each day, limiting their performance especially when they covered multiple territories. 

To solve this, FEMSA worked with Yalo to innovate their Route to Market by digitizing the relationship with the store owners using Conversational Commerce. With Yalo, FEMSA built a billion-dollar Conversational Commerce business from the ground up in just one year. They reach and sell Coca Cola products to more than 1 million stores on WhatsApp, powered by Yalo, and are growing quickly.

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