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How we work from home

Many global companies have rolled out WFH policies amid the spread of COVID-19. Yalo is not an exception.

We're testing how going full remote impacts the way we do business and achieve our goals.  We’re going behind the scenes at Yalo to show you how we work from home.

These are some tips and tricks we try to follow every day to keep the machine up and running.

1. Get up and dress like any office day

While working in your pajamas might sound great, you need to get into work mode. A study shows employees perform best when wearing clothes that have "symbolic meaning."

Also, save yourself the hassle of getting ready if an unexpected video meeting comes up!

2. Keep a routine

It's easy to get distracted by personal matters when you're working from home. A consistent schedule will help prevent any distractions from disturbing your workflow.

A  simple way to do this is by creating To-do lists for each day. It should include specific, measurable, and achievable tasks. Our teams run on Jira, where we track our projects. Any other software or app works.

Don't forget to include breaks in your schedule. You can go for a walk or read that book you can't seem to finish.

3. Find a workspace inside your home

Try to find a space away from where you spend time at leisure. If that's impossible, use headphones to help you focus on your tasks.

My wife, who is also WFH, and I have adapted a spare room. We added some desks and chairs for each. Even though we're sharing the same room, it feels like we have our own space and privacy.  

Look around your home! You may find a corner in your kitchen or a niche in the living room. Think of a place that doesn’t get a lot of traffic and try to use it as an office space. Consider buying a comfortable chair, since you'll spend several hours there.

4. Separate work from home

Avoid any stress or tense situations by setting strict times for work and leisure. Let both your family and co-workers when you’re available for each of them.

When working be 100% focused on your tasks and meetings. In your leisure time, disconnect completely. Try turning the computer off or disconnecting from the internet.

This will also help you keep the same routine week in and out.

5. Use technology to achieve more

As Yaleros, we take advantage of every tech aspect. Cameras and microphones in our devices help us attend our meeting with ease. There are many tools available like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Keep an open mic and remember to act as if you are in a meeting room with your colleagues.

If you work on a laptop, an extra display may just be your next favorite thing. It helps keep up your productivity and general computing comfort. The expanded desktop feature is great for comparing documents, emailing, articles or blogging.

Set your laptop or display at eye-level height; use books if necessary. Make sure the computer screen is about an arm's length, away from your face.

Look after your eyes by setting your devices:

  • Raise the contrast on your screen.
  • Increase text size.
  • Screens shouldn’t be neither lighter nor darker than your surroundings.
  • At night, alter the color temperature of your screen to a warmer tone to reduce eyestrain.

6. Stay Connected

If, like me, you're an extrovert, then you know remote work can get lonely. Spending the whole day at home will sometimes dampen the mood. Still, there are many opportunities to socialise and get closer to people.

When in meetings, spark the conversation. Make sure everyone takes part of it. Ask for assignment statuses, updates and concerns. It ensures that nothing gets lost in translation and that no one feels left out.

Set up time with friends! Take group classes, share mutual hobbies like video games.  You could join a co-working space so you have someplace to go away from home.

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