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The wait is over: Now you can send non-transactional notifications on WhatsApp in Mexico and Indonesia

At Yalo we know that every brand interaction is at the bottom line, a conversation. Customers want to be able to interact with companies on messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, like they interact with their friends and family.

And that means learning about a new product or offer,  talking about topics from the consumer journey, etc.

However sometimes initiating that conversation can be difficult, especially since the WhatsApp Business Policy only allowed businesses to proactively message their customers with transactional notifications.

But now there is good news for the companies in Mexico and Indonesia! The WhatsApp Business API is allowing the businesses of those countries to send non-transactional notifications to their customers.

With this new feature, businesses will be able to drive many new use cases on the platform. You can send recommendations about your products, promotional offers and most importantly you can re-engage with a user in cases like: cart abandonment reminder, back in stock alert, time to reorder alert, reminder to book an appointment, etc. To make sure your customers agree with this new type of communications, it’s important to implement an opt-in for the new notifications.

If you want to integrate this feature to your conversational commerce strategy, you don’t need to do any additional integration work, just work with your Yalo team to choose the products, promotions and /or  customers you want to incorporate to the non-transactional notifications.

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